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Our Mission

Vets4Vets Empowers Veterans, Active Duty Military Personnel, First Responders and Athletes Through Technology, Education and Advocacy

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Vets4Vets will collaborate with VSOs and non-profits to assess strengths and areas of improvement in Mental Fitness and Toxic Exposure. This assessment will guide strategic missions and prioritize  initiatives that positively impact lives. 

Mission 1 

Mental Fitness

Resilience, not Repair

Educate, Assess, and Accelerate a Healthy Lifestyle

Mission 2 

Toxic Exposure

Advocacy & Education

Expanding the PACT ACT, CLJA on Capitol Hill and State Legislatures



Grant Programs Support, Access, Empowerment + Inclusion

Programs with equitable distribution of information, education, programs, and ensure all people have access to current and emerging solutions.


Support Collaboration Across Society

Deploy missions that provide infrastructure and access to programs with engagement needed to ignite impact. Fundraising action across society - from the world’s most recognized brands to small businesses. And, patriotic citizens from across the country.


Support Scalable Solutions

Using technology and AI Vets4Vets will enable discovery of product,services, programs and solutions that will help enhance the lives of people impacted by mental health and toxic exposure. Strategic marketing alliances provide Vets4Vets and WarriorUP support.

Become a Founding Donor Today

Vets4Vets is inviting donors to align with Vets4Vets to support WarriorUP missions designed to positively impact the lives of vets, active military personnel, first responders, and athletes.

Donors will join the class of 2024 and can make financial commitments for 1 to 5 years.


Maj Gen Chris Cortez, USMC Ret.

“The Vets4Vets missions are critical to the preparedness of our country and development of technical skills and education."
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