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Founding Members

Fundraising: Donor Engagement The act of supporting veterans and first responders through donations and engagement is a generous and significant contribution that can have a profound impact on both the recipients and their families. By funding Vets4Vets and WarriorUP Missions, donors can help activate a coalition of VSOs, non-profits and supporters to design essential services and programs, including technology, education, advocacy, mental health fitness support, and pathways for toxic exposure relief and mental resilience. These contributions are vital for the well-being of veterans and first responders, and they also offer a sense of fulfillment to the donors who contribute.


These programs celebrate the service and sacrifices of these individuals by fostering a sense of community, support, encouragement, tools for ongoing resilience, information, and appreciation.


As a donor, you will receive recognition through various channels, including the naming of a quarterly WarriorUP mention in your name, special acknowledgments on our Wall of Support displayed at events aligned with Vets4Vets such as the NFL VIP and Player’s Tailgates, Super Bowl Player’s Event, Concert and NCAA The Team partnership. This visibility, along with Vets4Vets website and social media recognition, allows you to publicly affirm your support and contribution to positively impacting the lives of so many good people who make sacrifices every day for our country. Additionally, a percentage of your donation is tax-deductible, which offers financial benefits by reducing your taxable income.


Your contribution can amplify your personal or business reputation, especially in circles that value corporate social responsibility. As an official Founding Donor supporter, you will strengthen community relations and enhance your personal or business brand, reinforcing your commitment to supporting veterans, active military personnel, first responders, and athletes in meaningful ways. Vets4Vets will work with donors to activate cause marketing and other fundraising campaigns throughout the year. You will also have the opportunity to purchase limited edition merchandise, access VIP events, and purchase Tailgate and NFL football game and Super Bowl game tickets, subject to availability.


Contributions of $100K also include two tickets to a Team Tailgate (subject to availability at the time of the request) and grant naming rights such as “Presenting Donor” for programming, fundraising events, and activation at the Vets4Vets events. You will have the ability to interact at the highest levels with participating veterans, first responders, C-Suite executives, athletes, and celebrities and receive an invitation to the NCAA Engaged Athlete Fellowship Forum.

Finally, as a donor, you will receive an official framed thank you letter acknowledgment with a WarriorUP patch from Vets4Vets leadership, military, and other leaders. You will also be affiliated with the Chairperson of Vets4Vets and the highest-ranking military officials associated with Vets4Vets and have access to the Vets4Vets events NCAA and NFL fundraisers with the network, and entertain guests at VIP experiences. Additionally, you will receive a limited edition digital and physical WarriorUP patch with NFL team tailgate logo and access to the content vault of photos and videos of Vets4Vets and WarriorUP missions throughout the year.

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