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Updated: Jun 28, 2023

VETS4VETS 501(c)(3), a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and empowering military veterans, is thrilled to announce its partnership with the Soundoff Tour ( for the year 2023. This collaboration aims to bring together the power of music and the transformative experiences of veterans to create meaningful connections and promote mental health awareness.

SoundOFF Tour Bus

The Soundoff Tour, renowned for its unique veteran engagement strategy that emphasizes the importance of mental health, provides an interactive platform for veterans to share their stories, talents, and recognize amazing efforts by veterans in communities across the U.S. By joining forces with VETS4VETS 501(c)(3), this partnership aims to amplify the voices of veterans, raise awareness about the challenges they face, and foster a supportive community.

Through this collaboration, VETS4VETS 501(c)(3) and the Soundoff Tour will host a series of events and workshops across the country throughout the year. These events will feature inspiring stories of veterans, along with storytelling sessions where veterans can share their experiences in a safe and encouraging environment.

Together, VETS4VETS 501(c)(3) and the Soundoff Tour are committed to promoting mental health and well-being among veterans. By using the power of storytelling, they aim to break down barriers, combat stigma, and provide a platform for veterans to express themselves, connect with others, and find support on their journey to healing and resilience.

"We are excited to partner with the Soundoff Tour in 2023," said Jamieson Slough, Founder of VETS4VETS 501(c)(3). "This collaboration allows us to combine our efforts and provide a unique platform for veterans to showcase their talents, share their stories, and inspire others. By joining forces, we can create a stronger and more supportive community for our nation's heroes."

"We are honored to work alongside VETS4VETS 501(c)(3) in this important endeavor," said Brad Perks, Tour Producer of the Soundoff Tour. "By leveraging the power of storytelling, we can facilitate healing and create a space where veterans can find solace, connection, and hope. Together, we can make a positive impact on the lives of those who have served our country."

VETS4VETS 501(c)(3) and the Soundoff Tour invite veterans, their families, supporters, and the general public to participate in the upcoming events and show their support for our veterans. To stay updated on the latest announcements, event schedules, and ways to get involved, please visit and

For media inquiries, please contact:

Jamieson Slough | VETS4VETS 501c3 | Founder |

Brad Perks | Hollywood Film Festival | Owner |

VETS4VETS is a 501c3 supporting veterans with up to the minute information.

About VETS4VETS 501(c)(3): VETS4VETS 501(c)(3) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and empowering military veterans through various programs, resources, and opportunities. Their mission is to improve the lives of veterans and their families by fostering community and promoting well-being.

The SoundOFF Tour is a nationwide tour supporting veterans and allowing them to tell their stories.

About Soundoff Tour: The Soundoff Tour is a unique series that uses storytelling as a platform to promote mental health awareness and support for veterans. By bringing together veteran storytellers, the Soundoff Tour creates a safe and inclusive environment for veterans to share their experiences, connect with others, and inspire hope.


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