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Vets4Vets Attends USNA Alumni Building Dedication

Our team ventured to Annapolis MD for the dedication of the Fluegel Alumni Center located in Annapolis MD, adjacent to the USNA baseball field.

Both Byron Marchant and Jamieson Slough attended the event. Byron, the former CEO and President of the USNA Alumni Association led the project for over 6 years while it navigated approval from Congress, negotiations with local environmentalists, and shutdown during Covid in 2020. As a major component of the team that delivered this incredible facility, Byron spoke to the crowd of donors and distinguished guests in regards to what it took to complete the building and consolidate operations from across the Yard.

Byron Marchant and Jamieson Slough

He stated, "Teamwork, excellence, rigor, commitment, belief in each other, and be a team! As the alumni building is a front door for the Naval Academy, Vets4Vets is the front door for veterans to protect and a serve those that have sacrificed on behalf of our nation."

We look forward to having Vets4Vets events at the Alumni Center in the near future!


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