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Vets4Vets Joins AI Wellness and Delos to Tackle Mental Health Issues Faced By Millions of Veterans

Join Our Healthcare Transformation Event🌟

AI Wellness and Delos

Let’s Transforming Wellness Together!

Hosted by Delos & AI Wellness

w/ Project 11/11 - Veterans Initiative

🕒 When:Nov 19, 4-7pm

🏥 Where:14851 Yorba St, Tustin, CA

Discover a unique initiative improving Environmental, Occupational, Physical, and Mental Wellbeing. Focus on aiding veterans' well-being through AI-driven wellness solutions.

Delos PRE IPO Round: Get exclusive insights into future wellness solutions.

Experience the fusion of tech and holistic approaches for comprehensive well-being. Let's tackle mental health and stride towards better health for all.

Your presence shapes the future of healthcare. Join us in paving the way to a healthier world!


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